Good professional outlets of USI graduates


Alumni Service

23 April 2019

Good and fast the professional outlets of USI graduates: 94.5% of the graduates interviewed 1 year from graduation are employed, and on average the search for the first job took 2.6 months, and the 5-year employment rate rises to 96.1 %.
This is the data that emerges from the 2018 placement survey (the 16th) which involved alumni who completed a Bachelor, a Master or a PhD at USI in 2017 (1 year after graduation) and in 2013 (5 years after graduation). Here some results:

  • The average time new-graduates require to find employment is 2.6 months. Before graduation, 27% are already employed, 73% within the first 3 months from graduation.
  • 1 year after graduation, 43.8% of the graduates work in Ticino, 17.5% in other Swiss Cantons, 15.1% in Italy and 23.5% in the rest of the world. While 5 years after graduation, 37.7% of the graduates work in Ticino, 21.5% in other Swiss Cantons, 16.2% in Italy and 24.6% in the rest of the world.
  • The degree of satisfaction with the new employment is 93.9% for the 1-year graduates and increases to 96.1% for the 5-years graduates.
  • The employment sectors (1 year after graduation):
    • Graduates in Architecture work mainly (81.5%) in Architecture or Engineering Studies and the 9.2% opt for an academic career.
    • 21.1% of graduates in Communication Sciences choose an academic career, while the 15.5% finds a job in the Industry sector, 12.7% in the Media, Advertising and Communication sectors and 11.3% in Commerce.
    • Graduates in Economics work mainly (26.5%) in Banking, Financial Intermediation, and the Insurance sector, 17.3% works in the Industry sector and 12.2% in Consulting.
    • 47.6% of graduates in Informatics work in the IT, Web and Technologies sectors and 23.8% opt for an academic career.

Since 2002, the Career and Alumni Service has been conducting an annual graduate survey on the professional outlets of USI graduates. This is done to draw a clearer picture of graduates’ integration in the world of work, and of the job market, in order to better organise its own activities and services.
The survey is conducted by sending an anonymous on-line questionnaire to all alumni, guaranteeing full protection of personal information. All data collected is treated in aggregate form.

Here the main results of the USI Alumni Placement Survey 2018 and the results of the previous 15 surveys.