USI and equal opportunities for refugee students


International Relations and Study abroad Service

22 October 2021

The project aims at promoting and raising awareness within USI academic community on the issues of migration and integration by facilitating access to the academic path to talented refugee students recognizing that they are part of generally more vulnerable social groups.  

USI is operating in collaboration with other Swiss higher education institutions, Swissuniversities and the federal and cantonal authorities.    

Furthermore, by supporting the Swiss integration process into the labour market, USI facilitates access with auditing status to academic courses to job-seeking graduates. 

USI collaborates with SOS Ticino’s In-Lav service, the cantonal body in charge of implementing the cantonal integration measures and services for the Swiss Integration Agenda.  

Future students  

  • Support and tutoring;    
  • Pre-enrollment access to Italian and/or English language courses  
  • Auditing access to courses with reduced registration fee  


  • Support and Tutoring;   
  • Reduced registration fee   

 Lifelong learning and further education for job-seeking graduates  

  • Auditing access to courses with reduced registration fee  

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