International relations and mobility

Welcome to the section dedicated to international relations and study abroad programmes.

USI is known for being a very international university, with students and faculty hailing from over 100 different countries, and for offering a wide range of opportunities and activities around the world.

International students and academic staff

USI students by countries of origin
Countries represented: 96
Main groups: Ticino: 784, Other Swiss cantons: 211, Italy: 1445, Other countries: 531

USI academic staff by countries of origin
Countries represented: 66
Main groups: Switzerland 30%; Italy 35,4%; Other countries 34,6%


International Agreements
USI works with a number of international, national and regional entities in its education, research and knowledge dissemination activities.


Academic Mobility
USI has agreements for the academic mobility with the other Swiss universities and with more than 100 universities abroad.