International relations and mobility


Fabio Crestani

Pro-rector for Internationalization

Knowledge transcends borders, being universal and inherently international. Throughout history, the mobility of teachers and students has been a fundamental aspect of academia, stretching back to the founding of the first universities and extending globally. Advances in transportation and increases in family wealth have significantly boosted this trend, making international experiences more accessible than ever.

Partaking in international education broadens one’s understanding of different cultures, breaks down ethnic stereotypes, and opens up new perspectives. It enriches the spirit, expands the mind, increases tolerance for diversity, sharpens attention to detail, and highlights what is truly important. Individuals exposed to diverse cultural environments are more adaptable, communicate better in professional settings, and are well-prepared for today’s global job market. Moreover, the friendships and fun that come with international experiences are priceless.

The Università della Svizzera italiana (USI) was founded with the goal of being an international hub of learning and research. Today, USI is home to a diverse community of students and faculty from over 100 countries, reflecting our commitment to internationalism. This diversity not only enhances the educational experience but also boosts USI’s standing in global academic rankings.

USI actively collaborates with a wide range of international, national, and regional partners in education, research, and knowledge sharing. In particular, USI offers its students a rich variety of exchange options, from traditional study abroad and structured exchange programs to double and joint degree programs with leading universities worldwide. The International Relations and Mobility Service is dedicated to establishing new programs and assisting students in leveraging these exchange opportunities.

Here are some key insights into USI’s internationalization: