SWEET Call 1-2024, Addressing Hard-To-Abate Emissions to Reach the Net-Zero Target of Switzerland

Research Service

Submission deadline: 28 July 2024

Deadline notification of intent: 8 May, 2024
Pre-proposal: 3 July, 2024

SWEET (SWiss Energy research for the Energy Transition) is a funding programme of the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE). SWEET targets solution-oriented research and innovation activities that are key to implementing Switzerland’s Energy Strategy 2050 and achieving its climate goals.

SWEET funding is primarily for research and innovation activities undertaken by Swiss institutions of higher education and non-commercial research organizations.
Institutions not eligible for SWEET funding can participate as collaboration partners, financing their activities through their own and/or third-party contributions.

Consortium Structure

  • Host Institution: A Swiss higher education institution eligible for SFOE funding, acting as the legal entity applying for funding on behalf of the consortium. It must provide a letter of commitment and is responsible for negotiating contracts with the SFOE and consortium members.
  • Members and Collaboration Partners: The consortium is formed by members and collaboration partners, creating an extended consortium. Members apply for funding, whereas collaboration partners participate without SWEET funding but contribute through their own or third-party contributions.
  • Minimum Composition Requirements: The consortium must have at least 5 different member institutions, including at least one from Swiss universities or institutes of the ETH domain, one from Swiss universities of applied sciences, and two from Swiss industry and/or the private sector.

Funding and duration
This call comprises four research challenges. One consortium will be supported with a budget of at most CHF 18.4 Mio. to tackle the challenges over 6-8 years.
Additional funding is available through the SFOE’s P+D programme.

Timeline of the call

  • 8 May 2024, Deadline for notification of intent to submit pre-proposal
  • 3 July 2024 at 12:00 noon CEST, Deadline for submission of pre-proposals
  • October 2024, Announcement of evaluation results
  • October 2024, Invitation to submit full proposals
  • November 2024, Workshop on improved implementation of inter-/transdisciplinarity
  • February 2025, Deadline for submission of full proposals
  • April 2025, Announcement of funding decision
  • June 2025, Consortium starts operations

Further information

Institutional support and contact
Institutional support and any required matching funds and infrastructure is decided by the USI Rectorate.
Please submit as soon as possible a brief description of the project, consortium, budget and the support requested from USI to Research Service. For any further information, please contact Anna Lazzarinetti.