Interview with Tommaso Elia about his mobility semester at Católica Lisbon School of Business and Economics

International Relations and Study abroad Service

15 August 2013

Hi Tommaso, please tell us something about yourself.

“I am a master student in Banking and Finance at USI, graduating in October. I spent the fall semester 2012 at the Católica Lisbon School of Business and Economics in Portugal. I like to travel, visit new countries and meet different people.”

Why you did you decide to go on Erasmus?

“I think that live in a new place with people from different backgrounds and cultures is always exciting. The Erasmus programme allows you to combine these things with your studies. It’s an opportunity you will not miss.”

Why did you choose to go to Portugal and to UCP in particular?

“Lisbon is one the most beautiful cities in the world, an international framework built up on the Atlantic Ocean, with strong traditions and culture. UCP has students from all around the world with a great education, being the leading University in Portugal. It is the perfect context where you can have fun and study.“

What about the Portuguese education system? Could you tell us which are the main differences that you have found?

“The Portuguese method is very similar to the one used at USI, but for all the courses you have to do some assignments or a paper in addition to the final exam. Each semester is divided in two quarters and you have to register to the courses you want to attend at the beginning of the quarter.”

What do you remember the most about this experience?  

“Memories are too much to write in a few lines. However, you can make friends from different countries, study with them during the week and in the weekend or holidays go out and organize trips together. It’s nice that these relationships continue also after Erasmus.” 

What would you say to the other USI students wishing to experience this adventure?

“I would say that they are making the best choice. Do not consider the programme as a holiday, but enjoy the exchange from each point of view. Getting involved in all the activities they will learn a lot from the experience. There are only positive things for Erasmus and Lisbon is one of the most beautiful destinations.”