Other eLearning tools

eLab constantly monitors the Swiss and international eLearning landscape in order to be able to propose to USI lecturers and students new tools and services that may be useful for some specific aspects of teaching.

At the moment, eLab proposes the following tools or services:

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  • Safe Exam Browser (SEB)


    Safe Exam Browser (SEB) is software that allows students to take online exams in a secure manner. SEB can be used from the iCorsi3 platform using the Quiz activity.

    Safe Exam Browser turns every computer into a secure workstation, regulating access to various computer features such as system functions, other web pages or applications, and preventing unauthorised resources from being used during the exam.

    If you are interested in using SEB for your course examination, please contact eLab


  • Turnitin

    Turnitin is a software that allows to check plagiarism: in just a few clicks, Turnitin lets you know whether a text or part of it has been copied from the Internet or from another text available on the web.

    Turnitin is available to all USI and SUPSI teachers and assistants via the iCorsi platform.

    To create an account and for other questions about Turnitin: https://faq.icorsi.ch/tag/turnitin.

  • Wooclap

    Wooclap is an online platform that allows you to interact with your students or your audience through different types of events and activities (questionnaires, polls, closed or open-ended questions, etc.), thus keeping students active and participating during the lesson.

    All members of the USI community can access Wooclap via the web or through iCorsi or use it integrated in PowerPoint presentations.

    For more information: https://faq.icorsi.ch/tag/wooclap?lang=en


  • Mindmeister

    Mindmeister allows you to create, manage and share online mindmaps by collaborating in real time with your students or colleagues.

    To obtain a Mindmeister Edu Campus licence, simply create an account on www.mindmeister.com using your @usi.ch or @supsi.ch e-mail address.

    For further information: https://faq.icorsi.ch/tag/mindmeister?lang=en.


  • Prezi

    Prezi is a tool for creating presentations, videos and infographics.

    As a presentation tool, Prezi can be an interesting alternative to PowerPoint: by using a canvas in which you can zoom in and out on different elements, Prezi allows you to keep the overall picture of the presentation in focus.

    eLab has purchased some Edu licenses of Prezi; if you would like to have one, please ask Stefano Tardini.


    AMBOSS is an extensive medical knowledge resource designed to prepare medical students for their examinations and to support physicians in their clinical practice.

    The Faculty of Biomedical Sciences has purchased licences of AMBOSS for students and faculty of the Master of Medicine.

  • Checkpoint

    Checkpoint is the ePortfolio platform of the USI Faculty of Biomedical Sciences, based on the catalogue of medical competences (PROFILES). Checkpoint allows the student to record all the clinical and simulation activities s/he encounters during his/her training. The set of information entered will give the student the possibility to check where s/he stands and what s/he lacks to cover the required learning objectives.