Quality assurance at USI

USI manages a coherent quality assurance system through specific activities of its Quality assurance service.

A quality assurance system contributes to the continuous improvement of the level of teaching, research and administrative services - the three pillars on which the "university building" rests. It is a necessary tool to support the development of the academic activities and brings greater transparency and trust among people active in and around the institution.

These activities relate to:

  • the promotion of a "quality culture" shared and adopted by the entire USI community collaborating with the Academic Senate and its Quality culture commission (CCQ);
  • the participation in the processes related to the institutional accreditation collaborating with the Swiss Accreditation Council and swissuniversities;
  • the constant contact with the Swiss agency of accreditation and quality assurance (aaq) and the participation in the Swiss quality control networks;
  • the development and management of a new quality assurance system connected to the definition, mapping and monitoring of USI macroprocesses and processes;
  • the management and support to the self-assessment of the processes drawn up by their responsibles;
  • the consultancy to the Quality culture commission for the continuous and regular analysis of USI processes;
  • the consultancy to the Accreditation commission of the University Council.

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