Support and protection

In this context, the Quality assurance service deals with:

  • participating in the Steering Committee for the development of the new USI information system and providing support for the implementation of the new university organization chart;
  • representing the reference office for the management and implementation of the internal COVID-19 Protection provisions and mantaining a constant contact with the competent authorities;
  • providing support to other USI administrative services, teachers and faculties for information, surveys, evaluations and ad hoc statistical processing activities (e.g., development of the registration form and data analysis of the USI Summer Campus 2021 and Welcome Bachelor e Master 2021 events, development of the registration form for the sport activities organised in the East Campus Lugano and the related data management service);
  • participating, as Qualtrics platform expert collaborators, in the workshops organized by the IT Services to expand the digital skills of USI administrative collaborators.

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  • Qualtrics - tips & tricks

    Below, you can find some tips and tricks to make the most out of the Qualtrics platform.

    • Sharing the Qualtrics project (for survey editing) with other users: Collaborating on Projects
    • Translating the survey in different languages (which the user can choose when filling it in): Translate Survey
    • Optimization of the survey for consultation from mobile devices: Mobile Survey Optimization
    • Using logics for deeper personalization of the survey: Using Logic
    • Sending an email to the users who filled out the survey: E-mail Task
    • Creating a QR code to be used in informative material: QR Code
    • Sending a customized invitation to fill in the survey via email: Email Survey Invitations
    • Creating personalized links (linked to a list of possible respondents) of the survey: Personal Links
    • Automatically adding new survey responses to a Google Sheets file: Google Sheets Task