Quality and Sustainability

Welcome to the thematic area dedicated to the quality assurance and its related culture, and to sustanaibility at USI.

In the following pages, there have been collected several informations concering the activities conducted by the Quality Assurance and Sustainability Service. It aims to spread the quality culture and actively take care of its guarantee in the various areas of application.

Specifically, these activities are divided into five macro areas:

  • Quality assurance: it supports the Academic Senate, the Rectorate and the University Council in the creation, management and continuous improvement of the internal quality assurance system and, specifically, in the three fields of teaching, research and university services.
  • Surveys and evaluations: it ensures the regular conduction, the structural and technical development of the various internal opinion polls and semiannual courses' evaluations.
  • Statistics and data management: it collects, analyzes, explains and disseminates internal data and passes them to the collection agencies designated by the cantonal and federal authorities.
  • Sustainability and mobility: it assists the action of the SostA project to the social, economic and environmental sustainability of the University. In particular, it supports the data collection, the development of awareness campaign and the implementation of the envisaged measures.
  • Support and protection: it provides a point of contact and support for the entire university community.


QA Service tips
Two good reasons for not using your private phone for work:

  • Personal Well-being: work is work and private life is private life. They are two different areas that for your well-being should not be confused. At the end of the day, in your free time and on vacation, it is very important for your health to unplug from work.
  • Data Protection: documents, emails and work chats often contain sensitive personal or confidential data that, by law, should not be disclosed or used for personal purposes. Your private phone does not provide a sufficient and adequate degree of security and protection.