Initiatives for mobility

Below you will find a series of initiatives implemented at USI in order to make the mobility of its own community more sustainable.

  • In order to encourage soft mobility, USI will participate to the “Bike to Work” initiative that will be held in May 2024, in which employees are encouraged to team up and reach their workplace by bike or alternatively on foot, thus accumulating “sustainable” kilometers. For registration, please refer to the page "Register the team - bike to work" (N.B .: Choose your company "USI - Università della Svizzera italiana" when creating your account).
  • As part of the SEMP mobility, students who choose sustainable means of transport for their round trip will receive a financial aid (“top-up”) paid together with the balance of the scholarship (more information in the "Financial aspects" section of the USI students mobility: organizational aspects webpage).
  • After joining the Bikecoin project, USI participates in another project to make mobility of its community more sustainable: from Monday 20 September 2021, SMISTO, a project that provides parking spaces in Italian border areas for students and cross-border workers, starts! To have more information and join the initiative, you can consult the following flyers (in Italian only): SMISTO Volantino LuganoSMISTO Volantino Mendrisio, SMISTO Lista parcheggi.
  • From September to December 2021, USI joined the Bikecoin programme: employees were able to compete and win prizes simply by using the bycicle for their home-work commutes (more information on Bilancio positivo per il progetto pilota Bikecoin (in Italian only)).


Furthermore, additional information regarding mobility (in Ticino and Switzerland) can be found below:

  • the new information platform of Ticino public transport has been published (more information on