"Double degree" with the University of Pisa

Content: the programme is offered in cooperation with the University of Pisa and is reserved for Bachelor in Communication students enrolled in the Specialisation in Culture and Communication Technologies.
The students who attend the fifth semester at USI and follow this programme will, at the end of the course, in addition to the Bachelor's degree in Communication, specialising in Culture and Communication Technologies, also receive a three-year degree in Performing Arts and Communication Disciplines (B.Sc.) from the University of Pisa.
To this end, students must obtain 30 ECTS at the University of Pisa by choosing from the courses listed in the table below (out of the total 48 ECTS indicated):

Antropologia della comunicazione 6
Musica per film 6
Storia del cinema italiano 6
Informatica per le discipline umanistiche 6
Storia della radio, della tv e delle arti elettroniche 12
Storia e critica del cinema 6
Filosofia della comunicazione 6

Objectives: the choice of the programme is recommended for those students who are particularly interested in delving into the cultural and digital humanities dimensions, in which Pisa has played a pioneering role. It will also provide an experience in one of the oldest universities in Europe (founded in 1343) and in a university city where the number of students is half the number of citizens.

Eligibility: this exchange programme is open to Bachelor COM students in the specialisation of Culture and Communication Technologies.
Students in the 2nd year of the Specialization in Culture and Communication Technologies who are interested in the programme must submit their application to [email protected] by the end of March. 
Students who have not obtained at least 60 ECTS in the 1st year of the Bachelor's programme (Art. 10.2 of the 2020 Study Regulations) will not be admitted to the mobility period. 
At the same time, and again by the end of March, the "Learning Agreement" document must be sent to [email protected] for final approval. 
Further documentation for official enrolment will be requested directly from the University of Pisa, and any questions can be forwarded to [email protected]

Fees: students will continue to pay the semester fee to USI during the exchange period. They will have to pay an administrative fee (around 140 Euro) to the University of Pisa during the mobility semester.

Contact: Prof. Lorenzo Cantoni, academic coordinator of the specialisation in Culture and Communication Technologies ([email protected]).