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MSc in Marketing and Transformative Economy

A-32, Red Building

Brand Management

Prof. Luca Visconti


Brand marketing is of considerable interest to managers, consultants, and academics. Brands are also one of the most valuable assets that a company owns, as financial estimates of brand equity and the price paid for brands in M&As largely document.
The course is articulated around three main parts. First, brands are historically contextualized and defined within the contemporary brand economy. Second, brands are analyzed through a tripartite conceptual model, including: (1) the morphology of brands (brand codification), (2) the narratology of brands (brand storytelling), and (3) the axiology of brands (brand contract and brand ideology). Third, brands are presented in light of strategic decisions such as brand positioning, brand architecture, and brand extension.

A-13, Red Building


Consumer Vulnerability and Well-being

Prof. Luca Visconti


The Course simply acknowledges the state of market and social vulnerability that a variety of people experience—either temporarily or more steadily—for a plethora of reasons. It posits that our societies have developed an often-untold condition of economic citizenship, which is far from being democratically shared across consumers.

Participants will familiarize with the idea that market agents (e.g. associations, companies, consumers, media, policy makers), marketplaces (on-line and off-line exchange places), and goods (products, services, experiences as well as the way of consuming them) concur in the fragilization of certain individuals to the advantage of others. They will also sharpen understanding about the role of marketing decisions in the (de)construction of market vulnerability.

This Course aims at:

1. Accounting for the interdependence of power, marketing decisions, personal/collective well-being, and social justice.

  1. 2. Addressing specific types of market vulnerability, associated with specific consumer socio-demographic traits, life stages, and/or contextual factors.
  2. 3. Exploring business opportunities and logics in targeting vulnerable consumers.