Workshop: "Beyond Cheese, Chocolate, Watches and Banks"

International Relations and Study abroad Service

Date: 1 October 2019 / 17:30 - 19:30

room A-21, Red Building

To study abroad is an exciting, enriching and often life-changing experience. But it can also be a challenging one to start with, until one identifies and understands the cultural particularities of the host culture.

Why are shops closed on Sundays? What is all this recycling about? Do the Swiss really follow the rules by the book? Some Swiss habits may, indeed, seem strange or even unreasonable, until one recognizes the reasoning behind them.

As part of the activities for the new academic year 2019/20 to welcome our international students, the USI Pro-rector for Education and Students' experience, together with the USI International Relations and Study Abroad Service and Study Advisory Service, have organised the public lecture "Beyond Cheese, Chocolate, Watches and Banks", with Ariane Curdy (organization development consultant and intercultural trainer), to provide students with the means to arise curiosity about other cultures, as well as to understand some of the peculiarities of the "Swiss culture", helping them to interact efficiently with fellow students from around the world, and supporting them in the development of intercultural competences.