Solidarity contributions to the fight against COVID-19 and/or its economic and social consequences

Student Corporation

9 April 2020

Decision nr. D-0420-05


The Student Council, at its meeting of 7 April 2020, has decided – in the name of the Corporation itself – to make a charitable donation of 1000 CHF on behalf of the USI student community, to contribute to the fight against COVID-19 and/or its economic and social consequences in the region. The Student Council has also decided to grant 750 CHF in favour of the USI volunteer group that was activated in recent weeks, in the form of the purchase of useful materials and/or a budget to organise a moment of appreciation after the emergency. The Council promotes these initiatives because of the solidarity between the USI community and the region and as a small gesture of thanks for the exemplary generosity shown by members of the USI community.


Details of the Decision
The solidarity donation and the support / thanks to USI volunteers are two small gestures designed on behalf of the whole community of USI students to help those who are fighting against COVID-19 and/or its economic-social consequences, to underscore their closeness to civil society and to express gratitude to those who have worked personally to offer the solidarity of the community of Università della Svizzera italiana towards the most at risk groups in this pandemic, in a mobilisation that makes the whole USI proud.  


Decision procedure
The Decision was taken by the Student Council unanimously.


Deadline for Student Referendum
The deadline to launch a Student Referendum against this Decision is April 23, 2020.