Stance for the full and genuine inclusion of students in the process of appointing professors Decision Reference

Student Corporation

23 September 2020

Decision nr. D-0920-01


The Student Council, in its meeting of September 22, 2020, has decided to present in the coming weeks to the attention of the Rectorate and the Academic Senate a firm stance of the Student Corporation for the genuine and full presence of USI students in the commissions for the appointment of professors. The Council will also consider whether to complete the stance with a petition, which all students will be able to sign, and whether to ask for support from the Swiss Union of Universities (VSS-UNES-USU). The Student Council supports this position because it considers it essential that the involvement and voice of students are not ignored on an aspect that concerns them so closely.


Details of the decision
At one of its recent sessions, the Academic Senate rejected the proposal to include student representatives in the commissions that evaluate candidates for professorships at the University. In all other Swiss universities, however, these commissions do include student representatives.

The majority of the Senate, following the position expressed by the Faculty Deans and relative Senators, confirmed the interest in including the student body in the process of appointing professors, but finally decided not to proceed, asking for further examination of the matter.

With its stance, the Student Council intends to make the voice of USI's students heard, emphasising that their full and genuine integration in the process of appointing professors is a matter of fairness, democracy and consistency with the principles and objectives with which the University and the Senate have promoted the Student Corporation initiative, which is aimed precisely at giving a greater voice to the student body. This "voice" - and the responsibility that derives from it - can certainly not be limited to the field of student projects, but is meaningful only if it can be expressed and listened to on central issues such as the functioning mechanisms of the University.


Decision procedure
The Decision was taken by the Student Council unanimously.


Deadline for Student Referendum
The deadline to launch a Student Referendum against this Decision is October 12, 2020.