At USI, the Faculty of Communication, Culture and Society awards diplomas to 67 students


Institutional Communication Service

17 May 2022

The graduation ceremony of USI Faculty of Communication, Culture and Society was held on Monday, 16 May 2022, in the Aula Magna of the West Campus Lugano, with the awarding of PhD, Bachelor's and Master's degrees to a total of 67 students of nine different nationalities.  

The ceremony opened with a welcome address by USI Deputy Rector Lorenzo Cantoni, followed by a speech by the Dean of the Faculty Prof. Luca M. Visconti and Vice Deans Prof. Katharina Lobinger and Sara Greco and by the PhD coordinator Prof. Matthew Hibberd

The first diplomas to be conferred were the PhDs (4). Before the proclamation of the Master's degrees, the head of the USI Alumni Service, Silvia Invrea, spoke, followed by the presentations of a USI Alumna and a Bachelor's student.

The ceremony continued with 34 Master's degrees and 29 Bachelor's degrees conferred.

The Dean of the Faculty, Prof. Visconti, closed the ceremony.

Below is the list of recent graduates with their nationality and degree awarded.



Bachelor in Lingua, letteratura e civiltà italiana -

  1. Luigi Bolognesi, Switzerland
  2. Elia Bosco, Switzerland
  3. Giulia Drudi, Switzerland
  4. Martina Florio, Italy
  5. Chiara Franzi, Italy
  6. Alessandro Garmaise, Switzerland
  7. Michele Marchioni, Switzerland
  8. Yassin Ndiaye, Switzerland
  9. Francesca Rossetti, Italy
  10. Letizia Travaini, Switzerland


Bachelor in Scienze della comunicazione - 

  1. Sabina Balinzo, Switzerland
  2. Emma Battaglia, Switzerland
  3. Francesco Bernasconi, Switzerland
  4. Natalia Bordogna, Switzerland
  5. Susanna Cadei, Switzerland
  6. Ilaria D'amico, Italy
  7. Mariana Escalera Martinez, Mexico
  8. Federica Esposito, Switzerland
  9. Carlotta Diana Franceschini, Italy
  10. Paolo Giordano, Italy
  11. Céline Jordan, Switzerland
  12. Valentina Juric, Switzerland
  13. Giovanna Malerba, Switzerland
  14. Manuel Marasco, Switzerland
  15. Sarah Ozzola, Italy
  16. Tea Polgar, Italy
  17. Virginia Eleonora Romano, Italy
  18. Luca Stabile, Switzerland
  19. Nao Magdalena Watanabe, Germany



Master of Arts

Master in Lingua, letteratura e civiltà italiana -


  1. Marina Basic, Switzerland
  2. Costanza Ceroni, Italy
  3. Lorenzo Foglia Manzillo, Italy
  4. Baran Gökpinar, Switzerland, Turkey
  5. Giorgia Ortelli, Switzerland
  6. Lucia Rossi, Italy
  7. Benedetta Scotto Di Santolo, Italy


Master in Philosophy -

  1. Elisa Malnati, Italy


Master in Communication 

Master in Communication, Management & Health -

  1. Qianfeng Lu, China


Master in Digital Fashion Communication -

  1. Tess Stenzel, Germany
  2. Catherine Valencia, USA
  3. Luna Van De Walle, Belgium
  4. Grgo Žonja, Croatia


Master in Media Management -

  1. Antonio Bello, Switzerland
  2. Francesca Melcarne, Italy
  3. Valentina Tosi, Italy


Master in Communication and Economics

Master in Corporate Communication -

  1. Tommaso Cantoni, Italy
  2. Alessio Castorino, Italy
  3. Vincenzo Galvano, USA


Master in Marketing and Transformative Economy -

  1. Emanuele Brenna, Italy
  2. Silvia Dal Molin, Italy
  3. Giulia De Vecchi, Switzerland
  4. Maria Funghini, Italy
  5. Lukas Lenherr, Switzerland
  6. Indra Ida Louise Mazzola, Switzerland
  7. Gianluca Mercuri, Italy
  8. Alice Odorizzi, Italy
  9. Ludovico Picci, Italy
  10. Silvia Quadrio, Italy
  11. Vittoria Quartieri, Italy
  12. Noemi Martha Semeria, Switzerland
  13. Mirko Sorlini, Switzerland
  14. Greta Tafi, Italy
  15. Simone Vanzolini, Italy



Doctor of Philosophy in Communication Sciences

  1. Leandro Bitetti, Switzerland
  2. Gian-Louis Hernandez, USA
  3. Rebecca Venema, Germany
  4. Marlies Whitehouse, Switzerland