Maximise your experience abroad with the Study Abroad Impact Lab @ UCSC


International Relations and Study abroad Service

4 May 2023

Starting in 2023, the International Relations and Study Abroad Service has established a new partnership with Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (Milan) for a programme that will be of value to those preparing to go on an exchange: the Study Abroad Impact Lab, an extracurricular course with the aim of helping students maximise their experience abroad and acquire those skills recognised by many employers.

Details of the 2023 edition

4-15 September 2023 (5 afternoons)


Programme Fee
EUR 250: EUR 50 is covered by the student, EUR 200 is sponsored by USI's International Relations and Study Abroad Service. Travel costs are to be covered by the participant.

Places available

Registration deadline and procedure
7 June 2023. Registration via email at [email protected].

This year the following courses are scheduled:

  • personal branding and self- introduction, elevator's pitch, self-reputation, CV and LinkedIn profile
  • theatrical training to improve/finetune body language, eye contact, gestures, presentation skills
  • internship&stage deep dive, questions and curiosities about Italian companies and international ones for recruitment policies
  • workplace scenario in a global perspective: challenges and barriers, post pandemic situation and hybrid work expectations
  • specific company focus with a guest or with a company visit or both

The academic coordinator, Stefania Vitulli, is a communication consultant and journalist. She is an adjunct professor of Business Communication, Advertising Management and Corporate Communication at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan. She is research fellow at LabCom, UCSC, and professor and Senior Tutor at the Master in Corporate Communication, UCSC. Her research fields at the moment are sustainability, corporate reputation, CEO branding. She is the author of articles and academic papers on green communication and ecoluxury