Job Profiles

The primary job for candidates earning this degree are:

Private Banking - Relationship Manager
The Private Banking Relationship Manager serves as a primary point of contact for high-net-worth individuals or families, providing personalized financial services and investment advice.
The main responsibilities are to build and maintain relationships with high-net-worth clients, understanding their financial goals and objectives; provide comprehensive wealth management solutions tailored to individual client needs, including investment advice, estate planning, and banking services; and develop and implement customized financial plans, leveraging a deep understanding of investment products, asset allocation, and risk management.

Investor Relations Specialist - Proxy Advisor
The Investor Relations Specialist - Proxy Advisor provides guidance and recommendations to institutional investors on corporate governance matters, including proxy voting decisions. The primary responsibilities are to analyze corporate governance practices, proxy proposals, and shareholder resolutions to assess their potential impact on shareholder value, develop voting recommendations and rationale based on thorough research, corporate governance principles, and regulatory guidelines and engage with institutional investors to understand their voting policies, preferences, and concerns, and tailor recommendations accordingly.

External Relations and Institutional Affairs
The External Relations and Institutional Affairs professional manages relationships with external stakeholders, including government entities, regulatory agencies, industry associations, and other institutions. The main responsibilities are cultivating and maintaining positive relationships with government officials, regulators, and policymakers to influence public policy decisions, advocate for the organization's interests, and represent the organization in meetings, conferences, and industry forums to promote collaboration, share insights, and address common challenges.

Corporate Financial Communications Specialist (Investor Relations, Roadshow Marketing, Financial Reporting, Media Relations Support)
The Corporate Financial Communications Specialist is critical in managing external communications related to financial performance, investor relations, and media relations. The primary responsibilities are to develop and execute communication strategies to effectively convey the company's financial performance, investment thesis, and strategic initiatives to investors, analysts, and the media and coordinate investor relations activities, including earnings calls, investor presentations, and roadshow events, to engage with the investment community and communicate key messages.