AMA Alumni: Welcome and meeting with Arcangelo Sassolino

Career Service

Date: 12 November 2020

The USI Alumni Service and AMA Association - Academy Mendrisio Alumni invite you at the first event for the presentation and opening of AMA activities on:


Thursday, 12 November 2020 at 7.30pm

In streaming from the Mendrisio Theater of Architecture


The evening is dedicated to Arcangelo Sassolino, "L'esplosione nella stanza accanto". Open dialogue with the artist in which he will present his works with the public and USI students.

Here more information about the event.

To register for the event and for more information about the new born AMA contact: [email protected] or visit:


The USI Alumni Service is pleased to announce the birth of the AMA Association - Academy Mendrisio Alumni, a new physical and virtual space to tell, explore and dialogue about the world of those who have studied at the Academy, today over 2200 alumni from 60 countries and 5 continents.

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