Help for Quality Education for Poor Children in Afghanistan 

Student Corporation

3 March 2022

Decision No D-0322-02

At its sitting on 1 March, the Student Council has decided to support – in the name of the Corporation itself – a project proposed by a USI doctoral student and an USI alumna and assistant with an initial amount of 3000.00 CHF to set up a fundraising campaign. The project proposal has been drafted in collaboration with Michael Kunz, President of the Swiss NGO Afghanistan Hilfe, who is in contact with the local Afghan organisation Shuhada.  The amount raised through the fundraising campaign will be donated to Afghanistan Hilfe to help them continue their work in guaranteeing a high level of education to Afghan children in disadvantaged situations. Through fundraising, it will be possible to help children, with a particular focus on girls, access private education. One girl/boy needs 23 USD per month or 276 USD per year to get a proper education. This amount can cover her/his tuition fee for school, books/stationery and uniforms. It will set the premise for the children to complete their primary education and perform well during higher education admission tests (Kankor).  

Details of the decision 

The Student Council supports the project, among other reasons, for its strong relevance with USI's high international profile and cultural values. In this sense, the student community could become an active player in helping the vulnerable communities raise awareness of social and humanitarian issues.  

Decision procedure 

The decision was taken by the Student Council unanimously and is willing to collaborate in the realization of the project. The credit corresponds to the request made by the proponents and represents approximately 1 CHF per student. It will be made available in the form defined in concert with the University. 

Deadline for the Student referendum 

The deadline to launch a Student Referendum against this decision is 17 March 2022.