D-0323-10 - Support to the association OSA for their spring semester 2023 activities

Student Corporation

16 March 2023

Decision No D-0323-10

At its sitting on 14 March, the Student Council has decided to support with a total amount of 5000 CHF various proposals submitted by the student association OSA, the student association of the Academy of Architecture, for the Spring Semester 2023 activities program.

VoceAosa is the Academy of Architecture students' paper magazine and aims to give voice to students' lives and activities. The budget allocated will support the printing, binding and publication costs and the organization of a Workshop.
The requested funding will be used to cover 50% of the production costs (purchase of printing material, binding, publication) and for the realization of a vernissage. The association plan to sell the magazine to the students to cover the remaining part of the costs.
Budget: CHF 1000

RumorOSA is an initiative started by a group of students from the Students Organization (OSA) which aims to create a place for those who cultivate an interest in music. Specifically, the student association want to offer to the student community the opportunity to have a place for musical rehearsal and bring any interested parties closer to the knowledge of a musical instrument. The funding requested will be used to cover the cost of purchasing cables, microphones and amplifiers.
Budget: CHF 350

riOSA is a project that focuses on issues concerning the eco-sustainability of materials and their reuse. The goal is to raise awareness among students about the issues of waste, sustainability, and reuse of materials through the design and implementation of real projects.
This year, in collaboration with "Studio Abuse", (a studio based in Milan specialized in the processing and production of wooden interiors), the association wish to organize a two-day workshop open to the entire student community. The project foresees a didactic part followed by the design and creation of a project to be implemented in the public spaces of the USI community. The credit aims at supporting the costs of the materials processing tools.
Budget: CHF 1500

OSA Camera Obscura
Camera Obscura is an analogue photographic lab specialising in developing and printing processes created by students and based at the Academy of Architecture. The lab is open to all USI students interested in analogue photography, ranging from film development to photographic paper printing. The lab aims at sharing with the most significant number of students from all USI faculties activities and fostering synergies between students and professionals through workshops, conferences, and photo exhibitions. The budget allocated will support the costs of developing and printing products and materials for organizing an exhibition.
Budget: CHF 550

OSA Lectures
Selected lecturers are invited to share their work and research with USI students, among them contemporary architects or academics from other institutes and areas. The lectures will contribute to students' academic and future professional paths, offering them a broader perspective in an urbanistic, environmental, cultural, and political debate. The encounters are open to all USI faculties. The credit supports guests' food and transport expenses and post-conference aperitif.
Budget: CHF 2800

ExpOSA is presented in the form of an exhibition event, in which students from the academic community exhibit the product of their passions, not necessarily strictly related to architecture studies. The exhibitions will be related to themes such as photography, painting, sculpture, and the design and construction of furniture, etc.
Budget: CHF 200

CineOSA is a collective of students active in the promotion of cinema and film culture. The proposal foresees the organising of a series of screenings ranging from traditional cinema to short films and video art. The meetings are also intended to create synergies between students, amateurs, directors, and set designers. The credit is aimed at supporting the costs of quality and copyright-friendly screenings and those for room and board expenses for the guests.
Budget: CHF 800

The project involves the purchase of materials for the maintenance of the plaster room and a workshop. The main objective is to have a more efficient and organized plaster room, as a space increasingly used by students, who we wish to involve more through a workshop. The workshop will allow the creation of a small object and is also an occasion to better understand how to deal with specific materials.
Budget: CHF 500

The project aims to create a shared green space of biodiversity and farming of edible products at the Mendrisio Campus. The credit requested will be used to purchase plants and seeds, soil, construction timber, and work tools.
Budget: CHF 1200

Decision procedure
The Decision was taken by the Student Council unanimously. The partial credit of CHF 4000, out of CHF 8900 of the request made by the association will be made available in the form defined in concert with the University when the actual expenses associated with the project are needed.

For more detailed information please contact: [email protected]

Deadline for the Student referendum 
The deadline to launch a Student Referendum against this Decision is 30 March.