D-0323-17 - Support to the event "4 chiacchiere con un campione", a Student Corporation's own project

Student Corporation

30 March 2023

Decision No: D-0323-17

At its sitting on 28 March, the Student Council decided to support with 2500 CHF, in the name of the Corporation itself, its project proposal for a second edition of the event "4 chiacchiere con un campione" held last 4 March featuring Noè Ponti. The events aim at raising awareness of the elite sport environment and feature a conference followed by an informal meeting with top-level athletes. The event will be held during the next autumn semester. The budget is intended for the booking of the venue, snacks, and drinks to be offered at the event, and event-related expenses.

Details of the decision
The Student Council supports the project in line with the Corporation's aim to support its own project proposals and initiatives.

Decision procedure
The credit matches the request made by the Student corporation. It will be made available in the form defined in concert with the University when the actual expenses associated with the project are needed.

Deadline for the Student referendum 
The deadline to launch a Student Referendum against this Decision is 14 April.