D-1023-06 - Round table and Meet-up, Student Business Club

Student Corporation

26 October 2023

Decision No: D-1023-06

At its sitting on 10 October, the Student Council has decided to support with a total amount of 980 CHF two proposals submitted by the association Student Business Club (former Student Angel Entrepreneur Club).

Round table
The organization of a roundtable discussion on the topic of sustainable investments, featuring the participation of 5 local investors and entrepreneurs who are involved in ESG investments, providing an opportunity to understand the workings and future of investment decisions. The event is open to 100 participants. The credit assigned will be used for the catering. Budget requested: CHF 2500, approved CHF 800.

The organization of a series of monthly events from October to December in collaboration with the USI Start-up Center, featuring specialists from various sectors in the field of entrepreneurship. The credit assigned will be used for the catering. Budget requested: CHF 500, approved CHF 180.

Details of the decision
The Student Council supports the project in line with the Corporation's aim to support the initiatives of the Student Associations.

Decision procedure
The Decision was taken by the Student Council unanimously. The partial credit of CHF 980, out of CHF 3000 of the request made by the association, will be made available in the form defined in concert with the University when the actual expenses associated with the project are needed.

For more detailed information please contact: [email protected]

Deadline for the Student referendum 
The deadline to launch a Student Referendum against this Decision is 9 November.