Support to Ratio for the Philosophy Days 2020

Student Corporation

19 March 2020

Decision nr. D-0320-02   


The Student Council, at its meeting of 17 March 2020, has decided to support with the amount of 500 CHF a proposal submitted by the student association Ratio, which operates by fostering philosophical discussion through informative events open to all students of the University, even those who do not study philosophy, and to all interested parties. The proposal envisages the participation of Ratio in the organisation of the "Philosophical Days" in Ticino, in autumn 2020, in collaboration with the association, the USI Master in Philosophy, the Istituto di studi filosofici and other partners. Half of the amount is to be used for travel and accommodation expenses of the guest speakers at the event, which aims at bringing leading figures of the international philosophical domain to the region, and the other half for the social moment (aperitif) to be held at USI. The Student Council supports the project, among other reasons, for its strong relevance with USI education, its cultural value, its purpose of contributing to the good image of the University and its relations with the region, and for the planned collaboration between the student body and the University.

Further information is currently available only in Italian. A rough translation into English will be provided upon request ([email protected]), in particular to those who are considering opposing the decision through a Student Referendum.


Deadline for Student Referendum
The deadline to launch a Student Referendum against this Decision is April 2, 2020.