Creation of an events calendar for student associations

Student Corporation

9 April 2020

Decision nr. D-0420-02


The Student Council, at its meeting of 7 April 2020, has decided – in the name of the Corporation itself – to take action in creating an online calendar for the events of the student associations. The Student Council will first assess the genuine interest and commitment of the associations to feed the calendar. In the event of a positive outcome of the assessment, it will act on behalf of the Corporation at the University to provide, ideally starting from the next semester, a tool that allows each recognised student associations to directly enter their respective events and a web calendar in which all the events thus entered will be displayed; the calendar will be hosted in the web section dedicated to the Student Corporation. The Student Council supports this project to promote the visibility and, indirectly, the coordination of events organised by student associations.


Details of the Decision
At the plenary session held with the student associations prior to beginning the work of the Corporation, a number of representatives of the associations expressed the wish to have an events calendar reserved to the initiatives of the student associations, to collect them in specific reference point and avoid that they "get lost" in the flow of a general events calendar of the University.

The Student Council has decided to proactively undertake the project on behalf of the Corporation and will first of all proceed with the assessment of the genuine interest and commitment of the associations to feed the calendar. If the assessment is positive, the Council will see with the University services to build a web calendar that can be fed directly by the associations and displayed in the web section dedicated to the Student Corporation. At a later stage the Corporation will evaluate with the University the possibility to display the calendar on other channels (ex: display screens on campus).

One of the main objectives of the Corporation is to increase the possibility for students to contribute to university life, to make students and students responsible for this possibility, and to encourage collaboration between student associations. A calendar dedicated to the associations goes in this direction; in fact, it aims to promote greater visibility of the proposals organised by students through the associations and at the same time it requires the associations themselves to make a commitment to effectively and consistently feed the calendar. The possibility of seeing at a glance, in the same place, the various events organised by individual student associations also offers a useful tool to encourage synergies and streamline the offerings. 


Decision procedure
The Decision was taken by the Student Council unanimously.


Deadline for Student Referendum
The deadline to launch a Student Referendum against this Decision is April 23, 2020.