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22 October 2021

The lively and active ESN Lugano chapter regularly organizes events and activities for exchange students beyond, to establish new friendships and discover our territory. Here below, a summary of their initiatives.

ESN Switzerland General Assembly took place at USI in July 2021

In July 2021, delegates from all the 14 Swiss sections and members of the national board gathered together in Lugano for the General Assembly. The National assembly, hosted by the Lugano section, was the third and last for 2021 for ESN Switzerland. The main scope of the last assembly is to elect the new national board members. Despite Covid-19, the event was still organized on-site. It was a great opportunity for the section to work on the national scale and collaborate with numerous students from all the Swiss Universities.

ESN Lugano has been a section of ESN Switzerland for two years now. It was founded little more than 2 years ago by a couple of motivated people (our veterans), who laid the foundations for a great section that has grown exponentially. Starting from nothing, ESN Lugano now counts more than 10 active members who constantly support the section. The goal of ESN is to facilitate the integration of incoming exchange students in Lugano, and promote the social interactions between locals and incoming students. To do so, we organise several social activities which could vary from sports, hikes, aperitives, boat events and parties (when possible).

A glimpse on ESN activities.

Welcome events

In the month of September, the ESN Lugano chapter has organized four informal welcome events for exchange students, to help them navigate the first days in the region that will host them for the months ahead. The first event took place on 23 September with an official presentation of the ESN Lugano chapter and a pizza party on Campus. In the following days, more informal and enjoyable events brought students together.

Discover Ticino project

ESN Lugano will help you discover the most beautiful places in Canton Ticino, its natural beauty and the hidden places of the territory. Five trips to have fun, get to know other fellow students and walk surrounded by green and open air. The project “Discover Ticino” is designed for Erasmus students participating in the ESN programme during the academic year 2021/22 but regular students are welcome as well. The five trips include: Monte San Salvatore, Tibetan Bridge, Monte Bar Hut, Denti della Vecchia Mountains and Gandria. You may enrol via this link:

Cucina con Iside (cook with Iside)
Every second Thursday of the month, ESN organizes a cooking class, where participants can learn how to cook delicious Italian dishes. The culinary roadmap includes mushroom risotto, lasagne, tiramisu and pasta alla norma.

If you would like to stay in touch with ESN or check their activities, please follow them via their official channels:

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