Women in Academia Support Lunch

Equal Opportunities Service

Date: 14 December 2023 / 12:30 - 14:00

Room A13, Red Building.

Event Program:

  • 12.30: Standing Lunch
  • 12.40: Welcoming remarks, Sonja Hildebrand, Pro-Rector for Research in the Humanities and Equal Opportunities
  • 12.45: Presentation of the activities of the Equal Opportunity Service, Francesca Scalici, Head of Equal Opportunity Service. Presentation of the Academic Mentoring Program and Shadowing 2024, Anna Papis, Collaborator of Equal Opportunity Service
  • 13.00: From mentee to mentor, Testimony of Laura Marciano, Postdoc at the Harvard Chan T.H. School of Public Health
  • 13.10: Participating in the Shadowing Program, Testimony of Jiang Miao, Ph.D. student, Institute of Public Health, Faculty of Biomedical Sciences
  • 13.20: Being a Mentor, Testimony by Sara Greco, Associate Professor, Institute of Argumentation, Linguistics and Semiotics, Faculty of Communication, Culture and Society.
  • 13.30 Questions and discussion

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