The space between bodies

Equal Opportunities Service

Date: 24 May 2024 / 13:30 - 15:30

Aula Magna, campus ovest

At the heart of complex issues concerning relationships, there is undoubtedly a crucial element that can simultaneously influence the causes and effects of the type of relationship: the space between bodies. Depending on the kind of relationship and its possible different phases, a corresponding relational space is spontaneously generated, sometimes clearly visible and defined, other times more labile, unstable, or ambiguous.

This workshop explores movement and body awareness practices related to the relationship between bodies and space. We will discuss some key concepts, including distance, proximity, boundary, and reception, practically and experientially, with simple exercises accessible to anyone, with no need for previous experience in movement. We will observe how our bodies move and how our subjective perception manifests itself, trying to listen to it and give it space and voice.

The course is part of a perspective that aims to raise awareness, inform, and train on listening respect, and empathy towards others and their identity to stimulate listening, respect, and empathy, necessary foundations for the well-being of relationships, and the promotion of inclusion and appreciation of differences.

Notes: dress in comfortable clothes, possibly without heels.

Please register yourself by May 21 at the following link.