Action plan for equal opportunities

USI statute includes principles of equal rights and opportunities between women and men.

To implement this principle, the Equal Opportunities Service promotes activities focusing on:

To inform the academic community on equal opportunities topics, the Equal Opportunities Service organises workshops, events and meetings; its produces publications and statistics on the condition of women; and it provides advice on issues such as maternity, daycare centres, senior care or disability, building of competitive career paths, management and resolution of conflicting or discriminant situations in the workplace.

Four-year Action Plan

The strategic objectives of equal opportunities are defined in a four-year Action Plan.

The Equal Opportunities Service is the operational entity for the implementation of the Plan. The 2017-2020 Action plan, approved by the Rectorate in September 2016, is divided into the following five main areas:

  1. Gathering and processing of data on the gender issue
  2. Equal opportunities for career promotion
  3. Equal opportunities in selecting a study curriculum and eradicate professional stereotypes
  4. Information and awareness on issues of gender, equal opportunities and diversity
  5. Equal opportunities in learning and studying.

For full details, please refer to 2017-2020 Action Plan.