Academic Requirements

The formal requirement for the MSc in Digital Fashion Communication admission is a Bachelor's degree in Social Sciences, Communication, Business Administration and Economics, Media Management, Journalism, Fashion, Art and Cultural Heritage Interpretation, Languages, or similar domains granted by a recognised university.

The places offered are limited to ensure the optimal ratio between learners and the faculty; therefore, the selection is based on the academic results.

To be admitted to the status of Master student, the candidate must have obtained a final/average score in the Bachelor programme of no less than 8 (on a 10-point scale).

The final selection of the candidates is done by the representatives of USI and Paris 1 Pantheon Sorbonne University.

Candidates with a Bachelor's degree from a University of Applied sciences may be admitted with an additional requirement of 30-60 ECTS to be earned:

  • By attending in person, during the Master’s studies, a selection of our Bachelor’s courses (in Italian) and taking the exams during the regular sessions. The credits have to be earned before the end of the third semester. The courses are to be defined by the Master’s academic director.
  • By self-studying a selection of our Bachelor’s courses. In this case, the instructors of the assigned courses provide specific readings. Exams are organized when the student is ready. The courses are defined by the Master’s academic director. The reading and evaluation are in English. This option is very flexible: it allows for optimal programming of the workload during the studies and it also allows the process to be started before the beginning of the Master’s programme. The credits have to be earned before the end of the third semester.
  • By attending Bachelor's courses at another recognised University prior to starting the Master’s studies. The university and the list of courses to attend have to be agreed with the Director of the Master’s.

By Regulations the additional ECTS must be obtained by the end of the Master's and before the thesis defence.