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The various Master Meetings offer you the opportunity to follow lectures together with the current master students. Guided by a USI student, you can visit the campus and make up your mind as to whether the contents correspond to your study ambitions.

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Room 354
Main Building

Digital Fashion Communication: An Introduction

The course will provide a comprehensive overview on the digital transformation of the fashion sector, while stressing the close relationship among fashion, culture and communication. By doing so, it will introduce learners to the overall itinerary of the Master in Digital Fashion Communication, providing a map and a compass to navigate within it.

It will also present specific cases related to digital media owned by the companies themselves (websites, mobile apps, newsletters…).

Students will know current digital fashion applications, technologies, and successful practices; know how to interpret the digital transformation of fashion (especially of its communication) within long term technical and sociocultural processes; and will be aware of the crucial role played by ICTs within the fashion industry.

Room A22
Red Building

Digital Challenges in Marketing and Big Data

Fast-paced advances in digital technologies – ranging from web 2.0, big data, social media, the Internet of Things to machine learning and artificial intelligence etc. – have brought about profound transformation in how we communicate with others, how we learn about or introduce new fashions, how we process and filter information, and how we work and do business. They have indeed transformed all areas of social life, drastically remodeling consumption and marketing practices.
This course brings together technology-focused, business-focused, consumer-focused as well as society-focused perspectives on digital challenges in marketing. First, it seeks to provide a practice-focused overview of the current main digital marketing tools, frameworks and best practices. Second, it offers a reflection on a range of the latest technological advancements that open numerous opporunities to create, communicate and deliver value to consumers. Finally, it will focus on the interplay between technology, business objectives and consumer wellbeing across a range of current digital marketing practices.
Considering the speed of change in the field, the course will generally focus on the essential principles of the consumer-centric digital marketing strategies and their underlying logics, which could be rewarding or, on the other hand, challenging or even highly problematic under certain circumstances. Such circumstances will be scrutinized throughout the course via presentation of real-life cases and in-class discussions, thus bringing students’ attention to the need to address digital challenges in marketing in an informed and responsible manner.