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MSc in Digital Fashion Communication

A-32, Red Building

Digital Fashion Communication: an introduction
Prof. Lorenzo Cantoni

Course Objectives
This course will help:

  • To understand digital transformation processes – “Digital Fashion” – especially when it comes to communication
  • To become able to analyze fashion-related owned media, and to evaluate them
  • To be aware of several implications of such processes.

Course Description

The course will provide a comprehensive overview of the digital transformation of the fashion sector while stressing the close relationship between fashion, culture and communication. By doing so, it will introduce learners to the overall itinerary of the Master in Digital Fashion Communication, providing a map and a compass to navigate within it.
It will also present specific cases related to digital media owned by the companies themselves (websites, mobile apps, newsletters…).
Students will know current digital fashion applications, technologies, and successful practices; know how to interpret the digital transformation of fashion (especially of its communication) within long term technical and sociocultural processes; and will be aware of the crucial role played by ICTs within the fashion industry.