Internship and Master Thesis

In addition to providing students with the knowledge necessary to excel in their future careers, this master requires students to apply that knowledge and gain hands-on experience through two main activities: an internship and a master thesis.


During the last year of the master, students are required to complete a two to four month internship (9 ECTS) in a company of their choice. Thanks to the mobility aspect this master, students will have the opportunity to create an international network of contacts that will help them in finding the internship opportunity they desire.

Students can do their internship during their third or fourth semester, and in whichever location they prefer. In the fourth semester, students will only have an online course (DFC Lab) and their master thesis, which gives students the flexibility needed to find an internship outside of Switzerland or France if desired.


Master Thesis

During the 4th and last semester, students will be researching and writing their master thesis (18 ECTS) on a topic of their choice in the digital fashion communication domain.

The University Library of the Lugano Campus offers our students a rich collection of specialist literature available both online and offline. The Institute of Communication Technologies offers eye-tracking technologies and other useful tools for digital communication research.

More detailed information will be provided once enrolled in the master.