Career Prospects

Graduating from this Master gives students:

  • a strong foundation in communication skills as applied specifically to the fashion industry: communication design and strategy, branding, content development, information management and retrieval.
  • an in-depth understanding of the creation of fashion: the social history of fashion and culture, sustainability, and the fashion industry from a global perspective.
  • the cutting edge tools to effectively and profitably interact in an digital business environment: usability and webanalytics, digital marketing, social media communication, e-Commerce and cyber security.

An addition to this, students will acquire the cultural sensitivity needed to effectively communicate in a globalized market, by experiencing the French, Italian and Swiss culture in their day to day activities. They also have the opportunity to learn or strengthen their knowledge of the Italian and French languages, which are of great importance in the fashion world.

Professional opportunities for graduates are related to omnichannel communication management and strategy for the fashion industry in any type of company, from small start-ups to large international corporations. Graduates are prepared to work in functions like digital and social media marketing, brand development, data and e-Commerce management, advertising and PR support, and CSR coordination.

Even if the master focuses on fashion communication, graduates might work in related experience-economy industries.