D-0323-08 - Support to the new association Student Association for Ukraine for their projects Circle of trust, Hiking club and the exhibition "Unissued Diplomas"

Student Corporation

16 March 2023

Decision No: D-0323-08

At its sitting on 14 March, the Student Council has decided to support with a total amount of 1000 CHF three proposals submitted by the Student Association for Ukraine:

Socio-psychological project "Circle of trust"
Boarding games led by professional psychologists to create a safe, friendly and accepting environment where participants will be able to openly express themselves, share their difficulties and concerns and meet people with similar experiences. The budget is intended for snacks and drinks to be offered at the event and set-up costs.
Budget requested: CHF 1200

Hiking club project
Organized hikes to encourage cultural exchange and integration of Ukrainians into the local reality, establish new friendships, practice language skills, spend quality time immersed in nature, and do physical activity. The budget is intended for snacks and drinks to be offered and set-up costs.
Budget requested: CHF 1600

Worldwide exhibition "Unissued Diplomas"
Organization on the USI Campus of the exhibition featuring narratives about Ukrainian students who can never graduate because their lives were taken away due to military aggression. The budget is intended for snacks and drinks to be offered at the opening event.
Budget requested: CHF 200

Decision procedure
The Decision was taken by the Student Council unanimously. The partial credit of CHF 1000, out of CHF 3000 of the request made by the association will be made available in the form defined in concert with the University when the actual expenses associated with the project are needed.

For more detailed information please contact: [email protected]

Deadline for the Student referendum 
The deadline to launch a Student Referendum against this Decision is 30 March.