Dialoghi di Rispetto nelle relazioni. Consapevolezza e gestione dei comportamenti inappropriati


Equal Opportunities Service

Date: 25 April 2024 / 17:30

Aula magna - Campus Ovest Lugano

On 25 April 2024, at 5:30 PM, the USI Equal Opportunities Service and the Gender and Diversity SUPSI Service will host an event at the West Campus Aula Magna in collaboration with Accademia Dimitri. This event is in honour of Awareness Day against Harassment in Universities. The event is titled "Dialoghi di Rispetto nelle relazioni. Consapevolezza e gestione dei comportamenti inappropriati" (Respectful dialogue in relationships. Awareness and management of inappropriate behaviour).

The initiative, addressed to the USI and SUPSI community, aims to address the issue of sexual harassment in the university environment from different perspectives, such as legal, psychological and scientific, through contributions by experts on the subject.

Please find the program of the event listed below. You can also refer to the attached flyer for the same information:


Institutional greetings 

  • Prof. Sonja Hildebrand, Pro-rector for sustainable transformation and equal opportunities 
  • Prof. Ing. Franco Gervasoni, SUPSI Director General


The representation of harassment in the performing arts

  • Angela Calia, Lecturer-Researcher Accademia Dimitri


Participants in the round table

  • Nora Jardini Croci-Torti, Lawyer and Co-Director Equi-Lab Association
  • Roberta Di Pasquale, Lecturer and researcher in dinamic psychology University of Bergamo
  • Mathieu Horeau, PhD and Lecturer-Researcher Accademia Dimitri  

The evening will be moderated by Cinzia Rigamonti, RSI journalist


Register to the event at the following link: