COVID-19 (Coronavirus): important information

Please see this section for the most important information/answers from the International Relations and Study Abroad Office regarding the current COVID-​19 situation. Please check back regularly for updates, the FAQs will be expanded continuously.

USI students spending a semester abroad in the AT 2020


1. Any teaching method offered by the host university is accepted. The student must therefore refer to the conditions indicated by the host university.

2. USI reserves the right to prevent the student from making the exchange according to the country of destination and the respective health situation. In this regard, our main point of reference are the travel restrictions imposed by the Swiss Government. 

3. Should the student decide to postpone the mobility to the spring semester she/he must: check with her/his Director of Studies if this is feasible and check with the support of the Relint Service if the host university grants this possibility.

4. Should the student wish to change her or his plans, she or he must inform the Relint Service by sending an email to as soon as possible, and no later than July 2, 2020.


Guest students coming to USI in the AT 2020

1. The autumn semester will, as far as possible, take place on the campuses.

2. Classes schedule will be extended to include - if necessary - also Saturdays.

Health regulations require a significant "social distance" to be maintained, which calls for the use of much larger classrooms with respect to the number of students. This requires an optimisation of the use of space.

3. Courses will take place in mixed mode: in attendance and online (usually 50% - 50%)

The availability of spaces does not allow, under the established requirements, to carry out all the courses in presence.
For incoming students this means that it is not possible to follow USI’s online teaching from the home country.

4. Exchange students from partner universities within Europe: most travel restrictions within Europe have been lifted since 15 June 2020. It remains student’s responsibility to ensure that he/she can enter the country legally and in time. Closely follow any updates on entry restrictions or their relaxation at and

5. Exchange students from partner universities outside of Europe: Closely follow any updates on entry restrictions or their relaxation at and

USI will allow or prevent the exchange according to the rules set by the Federal authorities. Our main point of reference for this are the travel restrictions imposed by the Swiss government.

6. Choices of courses: it is likely that it won’t be possible to respect the planned course selection due to severe limitations on room capacities due to physical distancing. All incoming students will be requested to fill in questionnaire in the next few weeks. We ask you to keep a flexible mindset.

7. Postponement to the spring semester 2021: a postponement to the spring semester is possible but a quota will be fixed.

8. Welcome event: incoming students will be invited to attend the welcome event that will take place on 12 and 13 September. Detailed information will follow.

In case you decide to change your plans please inform us as soon as possible, and before 2 July, by writing to             


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