COVID-19 (Coronavirus): important information

Please see this section for the most important information from the International Relations and Study Abroad Office regarding the current COVID-​19 situation. Please check back regularly for updates, the section will be expanded continuously.


USI students spending a semester abroad in the AT 2021 and ST 2022

  • USI enjoys a privileged international standing and encourages its students to undertake mobility and acquire international experience, nevertheless, USI reserves the right to prevent students from making or continuing the exchange according to the country of destination and the respective health situation. In this regard, our main point of reference are the travel restrictions imposed by the Swiss Government. 
  • Any teaching method offered by the host university is accepted. Students must therefore refer to the conditions indicated by the host university. SEMP students: SEMP scholarship terms are communicated directly to the concerned students.
  • Students are asked to be as informed as possible about their host university and host country safety rules and measures.
  • Should the students wish to change their plans, they must inform as soon as possible the Relint Service.


Guest students coming to USI in the AT 2021 and ST 2022

  • In defining the arrangements for the first semester of the academic year 2021-22, USI has been inspired by the four principles that have guided the institution in the two academic years affected by the pandemic: to protect the safety of the academic community; to seek solutions to guarantee continuity, while contributing to the stability of the social fabric; to ensure the educational offer even in such a volatile and challenging context; to comply with the decisions of the competent public authorities. Throughout this period, USI has considered in-person learning and university life on campus to be very important. Still, at the same time, it has shown the ability to manage online training, taking advantage of the opportunities and ensuring a flexible and continuous learning experience. Read the COVID-19 Campus protection provisions.
  • The COVID-19 situation remains uncertain and changing. USI is constantly following and adapting to the indications of the federal and cantonal authorities. This page gives up to date information on the current campus regulations and the course of the semesters. More detailed information: COVID-19, how the semester will play out.
  • Measures and ordinances in Switzerland: There are various measures, rules and bans in place. They all have the same goal: to contain the coronavirus. The Federal Council will adapt the national rules if necessary. In some cantons, stricter rules apply. Updates: New coronavirus: Measures and ordinances of the federal council and Cantonal measures (the website is available only in Italian, USI's International Office staff will provide relevant information to exchange students). 
  • Entry into Switzerland: students coming from abroad are required to individually comply with federal regulations for entry into Switzerland. For all information, please refer to the Federal Office of Public Health website.
  • SEMP Scholarship: in the case of “blended mobility” (i.e. where part of the semester takes place virtually and part with a physical presence at the host institution), the grant is adjusted to the actual duration of stay in the host country. No grants of any kind are awarded in the case of virtual-only mobility.
  • Should the student wish to change their plans, they must inform the USI's International Office staff as soon as possible.


Update: 30.12.2021


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