COVID-19 (Coronavirus): important information

Please see this section for the most important information from the International Relations and Study Abroad Office regarding the current COVID-​19 situation. Please check back regularly for updates, the section will be expanded continuously.


USI students spending a semester abroad in the AT 2022

  • USI enjoys a privileged international standing and encourages its students to undertake mobility and acquire international experience, nevertheless, USI reserves the right to prevent students from making or continuing the exchange according to the country of destination and the respective health situation. In this regard, our main point of reference are the travel restrictions imposed by the Swiss Government. 
  • Any teaching method offered by the host university is accepted. Students must therefore refer to the conditions indicated by the host university. SEMP students: SEMP scholarship terms are communicated directly to the concerned students.
  • Students are asked to be as informed as possible about their host university and host country safety rules and measures.
  • Should the students wish to change their plans, they must inform as soon as possible the Relint Service.

Guest students coming to USI in the AT 2022


  • No special provisions are currently in effect; the academic year 2022-23 will start ordinarily.
  • Latest developments

USI follows the development of COVID-19 and is ready to adjust to the directions of federal and cantonal authorities, promptly implementing any new protection provisions. Current information on the development of the number of cases in Switzerland is published by the Federal Office of Public Health, which also maintains the infoline +41 58 463 00 00 Monday through Friday, 8 am to 6 pm. The address [email protected] remains active. Tracking activities are suspended.

  • Lectures and exams

Lectures and exams will be held in attendance and in line with the customary arrangements outlined in the Study Regulations of each Faculty. For exams, in addition to absence due to illness, for which a medical certificate is required, students who are unable to show up for one or more exams because they have tested positive or are in isolation as ordered by the health authorities (with proof from a pharmacy or the competent authorities) may also be considered excused.

  • Entering Switzerland

There are currently no entry restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Current information on travel and entering Switzerland is available on the FOPH website. Should significant regulations regarding travel and related quarantines be reintroduced during the academic year, USI will commit to supporting those who are temporarily unable to travel to campuses.


Update: 26.08.2022


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