Mobility in numbers: incoming and outgoing AT 2021


International Relations and Study abroad Service

22 October 2021

Even though the Covid-19 pandemic is far from being over and mobility in general is still suffering from this world wide situation, we at USI are proud to see that the number of our exchange students increase.

Incoming students

During this Autumn Semester 2021-22, we are hosting 57 students on the Lugano Campus: 8 attend courses at the Faculty of Communication, Culture and Society, 37 joined the Faculty of Economics, and 12 are in exchange at the Faculty of Informatics. 22 students are currently in mobility at the Academy of Architecture in Mendrisio.

In terms of mobility programmes, 67 students come in the framework of the SEMP, reconfirming the success and the importance of the agreements with European universities. 7 students are currently with the Swiss Mobility programme and 4 come within International agreements. One students has a freemover status.

A closer look at the numbers:

  • 27 bachelor 52 master’s students;
  • Good gender balance (37 female, 42 male);
  • 24 nationalities represented;
  • 16 different countries;
  • 42 universities;

We hope they will enjoy their experience at USI and in Switzerland, and we wish them a successful and enriching exchange!

Outgoing students

After a year of limited mobility, USI students felt the urge of travelling again and adding an exchange experience to their curriculum. In this Autumn Semester, we have 87 students currently in exchange (compared to the 64 of the Autumn Semester 2020).

Let’s have a closer look of who they are and where they decided to go:

Mobility by faculty

Academy of Architecture


Faculty of Communication, Culture and Society


Faculty of Economics


Faculty of Informatics



Mobility by study level

  • Bachelor: 32
  • Master: 55, with the master in Management and the Master in Marketing and Transformative Economy being the two programmes with the highest number of outgoing students, followed by the Master in Artificial Intelligence and the Master in Corporate Communication.

Mobility by Gender

Compared to our incoming students, our outgoing are a bit less balanced, with 50 females and 37 males.


For the Academy of Architecture we reconfirm the strong interest of our students in the two Swiss Institutes of Technology (ETHZ and EPFL), which host half of the mobility students. The same applies for the students of the Faculty of Informatics.

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have witnessed an increase in the Swiss mobility, undoubtedly because mobility within the Swiss borders has definitely been easier especially in the previous semesters, when travelling to certain destinations was not an option and to others was complicated to say the least. We are glad to see that this trend is still appreciated: to date, Swiss mobility welcomes more than 40% of our total number of outgoing students (38, with another 49 in exchange with the SEMP).

In terms of European destinations, we have a good geographical mix, covering 12 countries.

Unfortunately, International agreements are still unavailable but we all hope to resume mobility in the next academic year.