Career Management Workshop: RSI Video CV/Video interview


Career Service

Date: 30 March 2023 / 12:15 - 14:15

RSI Presents: 

Video Interview/Cv InterviewDiscover how to make the most of a video interview in order to give your unique personality and your talents a voice. Get involved in a new recruitment experience giving you a chance to put yourself to the test.

The workshop will be divided into:

  • 1st theoretical part: what to consider in a video CV, what to pay attention to/what not to do (light, transfer, etc.)
  • 2nd practical part: working groups (divided into the roles of cameramen, script, director, presenter-candidate) where the video CV will be created.

Note: members should download an app (CupCut or iMovie) to install on their phone so that during the activity you can create and edit the video directly.


With the participation of:

  • Lhayla Blendinger, Digital Editor
  • Michelangelo Cavadini, Host & Multimedia Editor (USI Alumnus, Bachelor of Arts in flosofia, 2022)

Introduced by:

  • Prof. Matthew Hibberd,  Director Institute of Media and Journalism 


Thursday, March 30 2023, from 12.15 to 14.15

Room 253, Main Building, Lugano West Campus

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The seminar is part of the Career management workshops series: Prepare and manage your career