Postponed Events

Master in Philosophy

5 Marzo 2020

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the following events have been postponed.


Workshop on Identity

A two-day workshop organized at USI.

March 7-8 2020

Speakers: Dedock LB, Kathrin Koslicki, Elisa Paganini, Eric Olson, Peter Simons, Lance Rips.

Organisers: Robert Michels & Jonas Waechter



Colloquium on Medieval Philosophy

A two-day colloquium organized by John Marenbon (Cambridge) at USI.

March 17-18 2020

Speakers: Simo Knuuttila, Robert Pasnau, Irene Binini, Damiano Costa, Giovanni Ventimiglia

Organiser: John Marenbon


Spring School on Mereology

April 30 – May 3 2020

Organiser: Paolo Natali (Geneva)


The metaphysics of relational states

A two-day workshop organized at USI.

May 9-10 2020

Organiser: Jan Plate


Workshop on Philosophy and Artificial Intelligence

A two-day workshop organized at USI with the collaboration of IDSIA.

May 29-30 2020

Speakers: Marta Halina, Lisa Miracchi, Müller VC, Hajo Greif, Carlos Zednik, Jobst Landgrebe, Barry Smith, J. Kevin O’Regan

Organisers: Alessandro Facchini, Barry Smith (Buffalo)


Summer School and International Conference "From Logic & Metaphysics to Computer Science"

Two events organised in Sicily by our Master in Philosophy & the Chair of Philosophy in the Faculty of Theology, University of Lucerne.

June 29 - July 04 2020

More information is available here: 


Stockholm workshop on Quantities

A workshop organized at the Swedish Academy of Letters, Stockholm.

Summer 2020

Speakers: Andrea Bottani (University of Bergamo), Alessandro Giordani (Catholic University, Milan), Jani Hakkarainen (University of Tampere), Niels C.M. Martens (RWTH Aachen University), Zee R. Perry (Rutgers University - New Brunswick), John Roberts (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill), Peter Simons (Trinity College, Dublin), Johanna Wolf (University of Edinburgh), Shamik Dasgupta (Berkeley), Christopher Peacocke (Columbia)

Organisers: Kevin Mulligan, Damiano Costa, Claudio Calosi


The following is the only of our events that has been cancelled

Third Lugano Undergraduate Philosophy Conference

A three-day undergraduate conference organized at USI.

March 20-22 2020

Keynote speakers: Martine Nida Rümelin (Fribourg) and Christian Wüthrich (Geneva).