Time, Time, Time: Science, Art & Philosophy


Master in Philosophy

3 Settembre 2018

A six-day summer school organized at the Swiss Institute in Rome.

August 27 – September 1 2018

Istituto Svizzero Villa Maraini Via Ludovisi, 48 00187 Roma RM, Italia

In collaboration with the Department of Philosophy at the University of Geneva, the Istituto Svizzero and the Florentine Literary Review.



Twenty selected students had the unique chance to attend three lectures per day, each followed by circa 30 minutes of lively discussion. These students had the possibility to stay at the villa at no cost, and lunches and coffee breaks were also covered.

The summer school looked at four themes, each of which has been the focus of substantive investigation in science, art and philosophy: the reality of time, the metaphysics of time, the passage of time, and the relation between time and action.

More generally, it considered the physics and psychology of time, time in literary and non-literary arts, the philosophy and aesthetics of time.


Organisers: Kevin Mulligan (USI and Université de Genève), Fabrice Correia (Université de Genève), Christian Wüthrich (Université de Genève), Claudio Calosi (USI and Université de Genève)


Speakers: Claudio Calosi (USI & Université de Genève), Roberto Casati (Institute Jean Nicod, Paris), Fabrice Correia (Université de Genève), Elvira Di Bona (The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute), Mauro Dorato (Università di Roma 3), Giacomo Jori (USI), Matteo Morganti (Università di Roma 3), Kevin Mulligan (USI and Université de Genève), Daniele Oriti (Max-Planck Institute Für Gravitationphysik, Potsdam), Carlo Ossola (Collège de France, Paris), Alessandro Raveggi (NYU Florence), Natale Stucchi (Università di Milano Bicocca), Christian Wüthrich (Université de Genève)