Second Lugano Undergraduate Philosophy Conference


Master in Philosophy

4 Marzo 2019

A two-day undergraduate conference held at USI, analytic theoretical philosophy broadly construed, ancient and medieval philosophy.

February 28 – March 2 2019

Keynote speakers: Thomas Sattig (Tuebingen) and Kathrin Koslicki (Alberta).



From February 28 to March 2 2019, the MAP hosted the second edition of the Lugano Undergraduate Philosophy Conference. It gathered in Lugano 13 undergraduate students coming from both Europe and America, who gave talks aiming at combining analytic philosophy and history of philosophy within the framework of a unified, thematic approach. 

The keynote Speakers of the Conference have been Kathrin Koslicki (University of Alberta), with a talk entitled “Modality and Essence in Contemporary Metaphysics” and Thomas Sattig (Tuebingen University), with a talk entitled “The Flow of Time”.

The poster and the full programme of the conference are available attached to this page.