MORSE Seminar. Fitting in: category spanning, status, and interfirm mobility among international law firms in Hong Kong, 1998-2008

Istituto di management e organizzazione

Data d'inizio: 20 Dicembre 2011

Data di fine: 21 Dicembre 2011

Tuesday, 20th of December
Room 250, Lugano Campus

We draw upon an in-depth longitudinal analysis of the labor market for attorneys in international law firms in Hong Kong and examine the effect of the structural positioning of both employees and employing organizations on inter-firm mobility. In contrast to prior literature, we examine multiple levels of analysis and also consider the influence of both organizational and individual category memberships and status. A central finding of this study is that while category spanning by employees tends to reduce inter-firm mobility, category spanning by organizations may promote such mobility. Similarly, while individual status moderates the negative consequences of category spanning at the employee-level, organizational status moderates the negative consequences of individual category spanning non-monotonically.