Research projects in Philosophy


Master in Philosophy

29 Agosto 2023

Since 2016, the Institute of Philosophy hosted 11 funded research projects, for a total of 16 positions for junior or senior researchers in Philosophy.


Here is a table summarizing them.

Title  Principal Investigator Collaborators Period Funding Body  
Temporal Existence Damiano Costa 1 PhD student, 2 post-docs 07.2023-06.2028 SNF Starting Grant  
Essentialism and Mentalism in Austrian Economics Kevin Mulligan Emma Tieffenbach 11.2022-10.2025 SNF  
Quantum Indeterminacy Cristian Mariani - 10.2022-09.2026 SNF  Ambizione  
Value Exploration. The Disquieting Arithmetic of Being Human Alain Pe Curto - 10.2022-09.2024 SNF   
The Genealogy of Modes of Being Kevin Mulligan Paolo Natali 04.2022-03.2025 SNF  
Research Excellence in Philosophy Damiano Costa Kevin Mulligan, Carlo Lottieri, Marco Bassani 01.2022-12.2025 Private foundation  
La tradizione federale svizzera della mediazione Myriam Di Marco - 09.2021-06.2024  Private foundation  
Functions, Relations, and Types Kevin Mulligan Jan Plate 06.2020-09.2022 SNF  
Identity in Cognitive Science, Quantum Mechanics and Metaphysics Kevin Mulligan Robert Michels, Jonas Waechter 08.2019-12.2021 SNF  
Connectives, Predicates, and Priority Kevin Mulligan Jan Plate 06.2017-10.2020 SNF  
Quantities Kevin Mulligan Claudio Calosi, Damiano Costa 08.2016-12.2019 SNF