IdEP Seminar "Econ Games & If You Only Had Five Minutes: Best Advice for New Instructors of Economics ", Patel Darshak

Istituto di economia politica

Data: 2 Marzo 2023 / 12:30 - 13:30

Room A-23 (red building), Università della Svizzera italiana, Campus Ovest Lugano

1. EconGames is an innovative form of assessment that uses real-world data to evaluate students' understanding of economic concepts. By allowing students to actively engage in the decision-making process for companies, EconGames has been shown to be an effective tool for enhancing student learning and improving overall educational outcomes in economics.

2. Teaching a course in economics for the first time can be a daunting task, whether the instructor is a graduate student or a new faculty member in their first years post-PhD.   To gauge what advice is considered most vital from among the plethora of potential sources, we survey seasoned economics instructors, asking respondents to distill their advice into what they could provide within a five-minute time constraint.   We process their responses with a mix of human perception and machine-based natural language processing.  In this manner, we gain an understanding of what seems to matter the most when starting out in the economics classroom and provide usable insights for economic educators on both the giving and receiving end of the guidance process.

Darshak Patel
Senior Lecturer of Economics and Director of Undergraduate Studies at The University of Kentucky Gatton College of Business and Economics