Strategy and Entrepreneurship

Strategy and Entrepreneurship Track

The Strategy and Entrepreneurship track offers a cluster of courses that explores the interplay between strategy and entrepreneurship, a recent trend in management studies with many relevant implications for organisations competitiveness and sustainability.  The main reason to combine strategic management and entrepreneurship is the increasing dynamics affecting today’s markets and competitive arenas, which are more and more disrupted by technological change as well as by social and demographic evolution.  The combination of these factors calls for a continuous and systematic business model innovation.  In this context, integrating entrepreneurship and strategic management becomes the new way of doing business. Managers now need to be more entrepreneurial in their way of approaching business issues. This is why many companies are looking for employees able to combine strategic management skills with an entrepreneurial attitude and behaviour.

Courses in this track include: Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, Innovation management, International Business, Business Planning, Business Dynamics and Merger & Acquisition.

Students aiming for careers in innovative private, profit and non-profit organisations will mostly benefit from this track.

2nd Semester


Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice


Business Dynamics


Advanced Corporate Strategy


3rd Semester




International Business


Writing Business Plans