Digitise, Optimise, Visualise

Optimisation is an important tool across all fields of quantitative research. This includes finance, engineering, economics, biology, physics, astronomy,....you name it. In this summer school you will learn

*) how to formulate a problem

*) when you can be sure that you will find an optimal solution to your problem

*) how to solve an optimisation problem with a computer

*) how to visualise problems and solutions with a computer

To learn all of this we will introduce you to fundamental mathematical ideas that are at the heart of our modern world. These concepts have very appealing geometric interpretations and we will work with innovative teaching concepts and visualisations to sharpen your intuition. Our tool of choice will be python, a widely used program in data science. You will learn how to access data and optimisation libraries and how to visualise your problems. In 3 weeks we will guide you from zero to cutting-edge applications and knowledge that will prove useful in your work as a student, or industry professional.



Basic Courses
Module 1
Digital boot camp 1 July - 6 July

Module 2
Optimisation: Theory and Practice 8 July - 13 July

Advanced research courses
Module 3
Advanced Applications in Optimisation Feb 5 - Feb 11 2020

Send questions to summerschooldov@usi.ch.