Andrea Mattavelli, Sr. Software Engineer, GM Technologies


Servizio alumni

25 Novembre 2019

Diversi nostri laureati per aiutare gli attuali studenti e neolaureati ad orientarsi nel mondo del lavoro, hanno condiviso la storia della loro carriera. Ecco la storia di Andrea Mattavelli, Sr. Software Engineer per GM Technologies a Mendrisio (CH). USI Degree: Dottorato in Informatica, 2016.

Come hai iniziato la tua carriera?

Before finishing my PhD, I moved to London working at Imperial College London (UK) as Research Associate on improving the effectiveness and scalability of automated program analysis techniques. After two years, I moved to GM Technologies as Software Engineer to work on high-availability software systems for online purchases.

Perché hai scelto di lavorare presso GM Technologies?

After two years of postdoc, I was looking for new challenges in a company where I could grow professionally and put my academic experience into practice. GM Technologies offered exactly that: A small but fast-growing company looking for talented engineers interested in building high-quality software systems.

In cosa consiste il tuo ruolo?

I am a Senior Software Engineer. My team is responsible for processing all incoming purchase requests 24/7 for more than 1500 partners. My main responsibilities include analyzing feature requests, organizing team work, supervising and reviewing my team’s work, designing and developing new features.

Quali sono, a tuo parere, le qualità necessarie per fare carriera in GM Technologies?

Passion, critical thinking, and desire to learn.

Quali sono secondo te le caratteristiche/gli aspetti positivi dell'USI?

Internationality; size, which helps to improve student-lecturer communication; top-quality research.

Quali competenze e/o capacità acquisite durante il tuo percorso di studi all’USI sono risultate utili nella tua carriera professionale?

The main skill acquired during the PhD program is without any doubt a structured and critical mindset. In particular, an attitude to go deep to grasp the essence of a problem.

Cosa potresti suggerire ad un neolaureato USI che deve entrare nel mondo del lavoro?

Do what you love: life is too short to be dissatisfied. Love what you do: be passionate and eager to learn. Do it with your loved ones, otherwise how can you enjoy your successes?!