Sandro Do Nascimento, Investment Manager, Swiss Life Asset Managers


Servizio alumni

3 Febbraio 2020

Diversi nostri laureati per aiutare gli attuali studenti e neolaureati ad orientarsi nel mondo del lavoro, hanno condiviso la storia della loro carriera. Ecco la storia di Sandro Do Nascimento Rodrigues, Investment Manager per Swiss Life Asset Managers a Zurigo (CH). USI Degree: Bachelor in Scienze economiche, 2010.

Come hai iniziato la tua carriera?

I started in the last year of my Bachelor degree in 2010 with a part-time experience at Credit Suisse in the Private Banking department as staff on call. I then decided to have a gap year where I basically worked full time and improved my English skills. After completing my Master degree in Zurich I had a first internship in Mergers & Acquisitions in Investment Banking in Vienna and continued my carrer abroad before coming back to Zurich, Switzerland.

Perché hai scelto di lavorare presso Swiss Life Asset Managers?

It enbled me to continue my career progression as well as returning to Zurich, Switzerland after 3.5 years spend aborad (Vienna and London).

In cosa consiste il tuo ruolo?

I work in the Private Equity Infrastructure team in Swiss Life Asset Manager. Hence, my duty is to help the team perform private equity investment in infrastructure related companies and to manage the portfolio of companies we have invested in.

Quali sono, a tuo parere, le qualità necessarie per fare carriera in Swiss Life Asset Managers?

Passion and deep interest in corporate finance, investments and team work. Being analytical, diligent, attentive to details, ability to work under pressure and to do the extra mile.

Quali sono secondo te le caratteristiche/gli aspetti positivi dell'USI?

Quality of the professors, accessibility to professor and time they dedicate to the students (also outside the courses), flexibility of the curriculum you can choose to build and that the student can decide how deep he/she wants to focus on a particular course / subject.

Quali competenze e/o capacità acquisite durante il tuo percorso di studi all’USI sono risultate utili nella tua carriera professionale?

Analytical skills, deep understanding of the critical macroeconomics and microeconomics key theorems. Holistic approach to corporate finance.

Cosa potresti suggerire ad un neolaureato USI che deve entrare nel mondo del lavoro?

Try to experience, via internships abroad, different job markets and cultures that will enrich you not only for the job carrer.