Summer School: Time after Time: Science, Art & Philosophy


Master in Philosophy

9 Settembre 2019

A six-day summer school at the Swiss Institute in Rome

September 2-7 2019



The summer school looked at time from three perspectives: that of science, that of art and that of philosophy. It considered the physics and biology of time, time in literary and visual arts, the philosophy and aesthetics of time.

More in detail, it had three related focuses: time travel, things in time, and the relation between time and action.


Speakers included:

Dorine Aguerre (Geneva, Visual Artist —Artist in Residence)

Daniela Angelucci (Rome 3, Philosophy of Cinema, Visual Arts)

Andrea Borghini (Milan, Philosophy, Biology)

Claudio Calosi (Geneva, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Physics, Literature)

Elena Casetta (Turin, Philosophy, Biology)

Fabrice Correia (Geneva, Metaphysics, Logic)

Mauro Dorato (Rome, Philosophy of Action, Physics)

Matteo Morganti (Rome, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Physics)

Enrico Terrone (Barcelona, Philosophy of Cinema)

Stefano Tiozzo (Nice, Biology)

Giuliano Torrengo (Milan, Metaphysics)

Valentina Valentini (Rome, Visual Arts, Theatre)

Christian Wuthrich (Geneva, Physics, Philosophy of Physics)


The poster of the event is attached.


The event has been organized with the collaboration of the Department of Philosophy at the University of Geneva, the University Rome 3, eidos the Centre for Metaphysics and the Centre for Philosophy of Time (Milan).