Samrad Ismayilov, Procurement Assistant, FAO


Servizio alumni

9 Luglio 2021

In order to help current students and recent graduates to find their way in the working world, many of our alumni shared their career story. Here the story of Samrad Ismayilov, Procurement Assistant for the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) - United Nations in Baku (Azerbaijan). USI degree: Master in Management, 2013.

How did you start your career?

Firstly studying management might be confusing for choosing the right career. Because it is so broad which makes it harder for person to get admission (at least in my country). I was applying to BP for the position procurement and supply chain which grabbed my attention and since then continued with that position but unfortunately I could not get hired to BP. Since 2014 I work in Procurement and Supply Chain Field in some companies and I really like it.

Why did you choose a career in Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) - United Nations?

Because I know that I contribute for the betterment of the people.

What is your current role/duties?

As procurement assistant I have the following duties:

  • Review and prepare routine documentation and correspondence related to assigned procurement actions, including, but not limited to: identification of potential suppliers, preparation of invitations to bid, bid summaries, purchase orders and/or contract, simple contractual amendments, renewals; obtain clarifications when necessary;
  • Follow-up on purchase orders and contracts: monitor receipt of order confirmation, shipment and receipt of goods and services, receipt of performance bonds or other necessary documentation;
  • Review invoices of incoming goods, transportation services and custom’s clearance fees for accuracy; bring to the supervisor’s attention any discrepancies which may arise, prior to processing the payment;
  • Arrange the delivery of goods to their final destinations;
  • Report on the status of procurement actions;
  • File documents and correspondence and database records related to procurement actions, assigned tenders, purchase orders and contracts;
  • Run periodic reports, taking action as requested;
  • Ensure data input into systems as accurate;
  • Review with the supervisor problems and discrepancies related to assigned actions;
  • Perform other related duties as required.

In your opinion, what are the qualities necessary for a successful career in Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) - United Nations?

Being honest, responsible and disciplined.

What positive aspects and qualities meant most to you during the study programme you attended?

Being involved with international culture.

What is your advice to USI students entering the job market?

First study what ever you think you will work and be involved in the future. Try to be assertive during the interview.